[BG On the Road: 24-hour roadside assistance

BG On The Road

24-hour Roadside Assistance

*BG On the Road® roadside assistance is only available with the purchase of a BG service.

Services Provided:

Towing Assistance
Jump Start Assistance
Tire Change Assistance
Lock-out Service Assistance
Collision Assistance
Fuel and Fluid Delivery

New BG On The Road® Card Activation Process

The new OTR cards will require customer activation and a 24 hour waiting period before the card can be used. The following is the automated activation process:

The customer calls the 1-800 number.
"Thank you for calling roadside assistance. Please say or enter, using your keypad, your 10 digit Identification number"
Customer enters number
"OK, I understand your number as 0000000000. Is this correct?"
"Press 1 for yes, 2 for no."
"OK, your roadside assistance number has been activated, but your card cannot be used for 24 hours. Thank you."

Additional On The Road® Details

The new program includes:

12 months to activate cards
4 months of full coverage
2 events at $75 per event
No same service within 7 business daysType your paragraph here.

Auto Repair &  Maintenance